Greetings Dear Ones,


My name is Teresa Brom, I’m the owner of We Are as One LLC

In the summer of 2022, I had my first Reiki experience which awakened me to the knowledge that I had a spirit guide and that she’s been with me from birth. I rated that experience as one of the top 5 best experiences of my life! I immediately booked a session for my husband and niece because I wanted that level of an experience for them as well. I was on cloud nine that whole weekend! I also knew then that I wanted to bring Reiki to everyone who wants it and started training right away. I am now a Reiki Master.  I use my intuition and channeling gifts and work closely with your higher-self, spirit guides and angels. I continue to take courses so I can offer additional holistic and spiritual healing options. 


As a hobby I make and sell crystal support products. I’ve always loved rocks and stones and have a house and yard full of them. My husband also thinks they’re pretty and I’m happy we share that interest. We often plan our vacations to rock and crystal hunting destinations. The energy in stones and crystals can help in all kinds of ways and I love wearing them as jewelry and carrying them in my pockets. I hope you check them out. 


Barter system - I'm open to it! If you have something to trade let's talk!

Many Blessings!